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Driving lessons in English. FIRST and ONLY centre in La Rioja. Don’t miss this opportunity!!!!!!

So why should you choose Autoescuela Monaco?

For those of you having trouble with Spanish in terms of learning, we are offering this brand new service. We are proud to be the only center in La Rioja providing this type of learning, and one of the few all over Spain. Driving theory lessons are given in English. Moreover, a highway code manual and tests will be provided in order to pass your official exam successfully. Practical lesson will also be given in English, so no language barrier will stand in your way! And you can take the official theory exam in English!!

The full driving licence obtained is valid to be used within the European Community, with the same rights as any other European driving licence. Should you leave Spain, this licence can be exchanged in your EU country or any other countries with bilateral agreements with the Spanish authorities.

In addition, if you are interested in improving your Spanish whilst learning, you can also attend the Spanish theory lessons in a relaxed and friendly environment. This is an excellent opportunity to improve your Spanish whilst you are learning to drive.

Do you need another reason? Think about QUALITY. Our reputation as a driving school matters to us, so we constantly strive to maintain the highest standards. All of our driving instructors are fully qualified, have the best interest of our customers at heart, and aim to build confidence behind the wheel.

So, ready? Have you made up your mind? Don´t think twice and stop by our driving school. We will be delighted to provide you with further information.

See you soon.